Iconoid 3.8.2006

Iconoid 3.8.2006


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Date Added:14 October, 2012

Author: SillySot Software

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Iconoid is a small program that helps reduce the clutter and confusion of the Windows desktop. Iconoid is a useful utility that will improve your desktop view. Iconoid runs either as a system tray icon, or completely hidden. It watches where your cursor moves and looks for changes to the desktop. When the cursor moves off of the desktop, Iconoid might hide the desktop icons so that you can see the wallpaper better. When you move the mouse back to the desktop, the icons reappear. Iconoid also looks for changes to the wallpaper (file size or name) and if it sees that the wallpaper has changed, it forces the icon colors back to your specifications (color or transparent). Features: · Automatically hide and display desktop icons · Remove the colored box behind icon text · Automatically set the colored box behind the text to an optimal color for your desktop picture · Quickly and easily minimize all of the windows on your screen · Save and restore the positions of icons · Insure that icons do not move when you change screen resolutions · Save icon locations for each screen resolution individually News: · Modified Color tab · Added a slightly hidden link to start the desktop control panel applet when in Active Desktop mode. Cursor changes to a hand when hovered over the text that explains that active desktop is active. I may externalize this better later. · Fixed message overlay on the Colors tab when both active desktop and cursor drop shadows are enabled. · Cleaned up Tray tab · Removed Scramble Icons option · Reordered items to match tray popup · Regrouped items in tray (save/restore, icon text options, icon hiding options) · Cleaned up Desktop tab · Added radio button to not have Iconoid change the desktop color · Added radio button to use user selected color · Removed checkbox for using color at startup since the new radio button does that · Added a slightly hidden link to start the desktop control panel applet. Cursor changes to a hand when hovered over the groubbox title. · Changed system tray context menu to have 3 distinct settings for hiding options · Reordered Tray and Desktop context menus to match each other and to put most used options first. · Now more responsive to turning on or off Active Desktop and Cursor Drop Shadows · Fixed Several problems with hiding the taskbar. · Taskbar hiding works independently of cursor hiding. It used to seem unpredictable. Now The taskbar is hidden with the icons. · Taskbar hiding now works in Always Hide mode. · Maybe fixed the fix of the fix of ... of the tray getting stuck below other windows. Maybe. · Miscellaneous bug fixes: · Switching transparency from tray failed · Sometimes wallpaper switching was not recognized · When desktop crashed, Iconoid stopped functioning. Now it waits 3 seconds and hooks the new desktop · Fixed phantom square box that shows up occasionally such as when Microsoft's task switcher power toy shows Iconoid's window · Removed some dead code and code that was there to theoretically fix the mysterious settings loss problem (I think Phil found that bug). · Removed the -wait option. That may need to be reinstated... we'll see. · Removed warning message about lost settings. Again, that may be wishful thinking.

Systems: Windows 7, WinXP, Windows 2000, Windows Vista, Windows Vista x64, Windows2003

Tags: desktop space   desktop organizer   icon background   icon   wallpaper   desktop  

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